Interview with Giuseppe Vito who is responsible for care activities at ASP Città di Bologna

Picture about the interview to the Responsible of welfare activities at ASP Città di Bologna

By Carla De Lorenzo and Mattia Cocchi, ASP Città di Bologna

GAMLEC, the board game created to reflect on how to improve the Quality of Life of the care home residents. Below you can find a short interview with the Responsible of care activities at ASP Città di Bologna, Giuseppe Vito.

Picture of the Trial Phase
Picture of the Trial Phase

How was your experience with the GAMLEC board game?

It was a new experience of its kind; I had never taken part in a board game with operators of a care home. It also generated some surprise among the operators themselves.

What did you like the most?

The mutual understanding, the opportunity to share the knowledge among the colleagues, the chance to reflect on some clear and achievable goals, and the development of a high sense of awareness.

Playing the game, the professionals found a different way to discuss, through a game easy to understand.

Did the contents of the cards inspire you in any way on how to improve the quality of life of older people in residential homes?

They highlighted how empathy can be considered a central personal and communicative skill, that allows us to connect with the other people. It is a very important tool, in addition to another one, the ability to listen. You need to feel and show a real interest in the story of the others, recognizing their   value and respecting their dignity of the others, with a non-judgmental approach.

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