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Gaming for Mutual Learning in Elder Care

The GAMLEC game is available in English, German, Italian, Lithuanian and Dutch:

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The ageing of the population is a long-term trend that began decades ago. As a consequence to these demographic changes, the EU Member States are facing an increasing demand for long-term-care in homes for dependent seniors. Hence, the demand for qualified, skilled professional carers and volunteers increases, while the labour market is tight.

Education and continuous training is needed to keep pace with appropriate quality requirements in order to guarantee the quality of life of nursing home residents, including autonomy, social participation and human dignity, which are very important aspects of the quality of life from the point of view of the senior citizens themselves.


The GAMLEC project aims to provide an innovative and easily accessible, cost-effective learning board game that makes the acquisition of knowledge about quality of life standards for senior citizens in need of care simple, playful and sustainable. It is intended to appeal to a large number of people who deal with nursing home residents and, through the shared knowledge, to promote mutual understanding and cooperation between all those involved.


All tools will be made available on the project’s e-learning platform as Open Educational Resource and will be free of charge for all users. The board game can be adapted by the users to their specific needs and thematically developed further. The e-learning platform will also offer a forum for the exchange of experiences, discussion, suggestions for further development of the game and feedback.


The direct target group is constituted by a mix of professional carers, carers with low education level and/or migration background and scarce language proficiency, volunteers in care homes and committed family members of dependent senior citizen. The indirect target group consists of the dependent senior citizens themselves, benefiting of increased quality of life, as well as care facilities receiving a low cost training tool to provide training when and where it is needed so that they can draw on a better trained workforce and increased mutual understanding between the different stakeholders along with increased and enhanced collaboration of all parties involved.


Game-based learning is about “easy to grasp” knowledge and skills in a relaxed and joyful atmosphere. Playing the board game is a real “get together”. Care home staff, volunteers and committed relatives are invited to sit around the same table, get to know each other, play together, compete, share knowledge and gain insights on different perspectives. It offers a playful way to learn together and from each other. During the gaming process, the different stakeholders build relationships which in return help improve communication, mutual understanding and cooperation.

About the project

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The Gaming for Mutual Learning in Elder Care (GAMLEC) project is about promoting high quality standards in elder care.

The GAMLEC project intends to provide an easy to access and playful way to acquire and share knowledge and competencies by means of a board game with learning card decks.

It will be available free of charge on a publicly accessible e-learning platform that provides all necessary guidelines, instructions, related materials and further information, too. A broader and easy to access knowledge on standards of quality for dependent seniors enables the target group to make a factual contribution in a sector characterised by a lack of professional carers.

The aim of the Erasmus+ GAMLEC project is to provide a training measure that:
– Promotes high quality standards in the care for the older people
– Takes scarcity of resources into consideration
– Makes learning easy and complex content accessible
– Is innovative.


The project involves six partner organisations in four European countries.


These are our latest news:
Feedback von Frau Simone Funk, Einrichtungsleitung im Haus des Lebens (DE)

Feedback von Frau Simone Funk Einrichtungsleitung im Haus des Lebens Seniorenzentrum Driedorf, nachdem sie GAMLEC in ihrer Einrichtung gespielt haben

Picture about the interview to the Responsible of welfare activities at ASP Città di Bologna
Interview with the Responsible of care activities at ASP Città di Bologna, Giuseppe Vito

Interview with the Responsible of care activities at ASP Città di Bologna, Giuseppe Vito

Impressions from our Online Learning Teaching and Training Activity

Impressions from our partners playing the GAMLEC learning board game.

Preparing the web streaming of the online session of our learning board game

At the Learning Teaching and Training Activity we wanted to meet around a table as people usually do to play a learning board game. Due to the current situation, we cannot meet in person. This cannot …

Interview about the GAMLEC learning board game! (German)

Interview with Sandra Röse from “Generation Gesundheit” about the GAMLEC learning board game in German language.

GAMLEC Consortium online Meeting on 5th November 2020
Working on the learning board game!

The GAMLEC Consortium works on the learning board game to improve quality of life for nursing home residents; in times of Corona this is more important than ever.

Now available The European Compendium on Criteria for the Quality of Life of Care Home Residents
Now available: The European Compendium on Criteria for the Quality of Life of Care Home Residents (EN)

The compendium on standards for the quality of life of care home residents serves as a basis for the transfer of know-how to paid staff, volunteers and committed relatives. It reflects the state-of-th…

The kick-off meeting in Frankfurt 2019.NOV.21-22 (EN)

The project’s kick-off meeting took place in Frankfurt (Germany) from the 21st to the 22nd of November 2019 with the participation of all partners.

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