GAMLEC Dutch Multiplier Event

By Javier Ganzarain, AFEdemy, and Sylvie Schoch, IP-International GmbH

On 9th November 2021, the GAMLEC Dutch Multiplier Event took place online.

The event was organised online and counted with the participation of the project’s coordinator Sylvie Schoch, IP-International GmbH and Javier Ganzarain, AFEdemy and the presence of 13 external participants.

Initially, Sylvie introduced how it all begun, and presented the GAMLEC board and different sets of cards that have been developed in the frame of the project. She also invited the participants to generate their own cards, as a template for each type of card is also provided.

Playing the game has so far provided very good result to the players in terms of team building and simple, playful and sustainable acquisition of knowledge about quality-of-life standards for senior citizens in need of care, which are the aims of GAMLEC.

All tools are available for free in an accessible E-Learning platform, which was then presented by Javier. The platform includes the possibility to access also the background information for those persons who want to learn more about GAMLEC’s Learning Goal and Educational Objectives, the National Reports, the Compendium, and the Educational Framework.

It also offers an interactive and easy-to-use Forum, where the players can share, exchange and discuss their experience with the GAMLEC game, or get inspired by others. Players were then also invited to share the pictures and cards they created and the experiences they made while playing the GAMLEC game.

The GAMLEC E-Learning Platform is offered in English, Italian, Dutch, German and Lithuanian.

At the end of the webinar, a Q&A session was held, but no question came from the audience apart of positive feedback.

GAMLEC Board game explained

Below you can find and download the presentation used during the event:

Now that all is available, let´s continuously improve the Quality of Life of care home residents!

Together we can make a difference!