Interview about the GAMLEC learning board game! (German)

Interview with Sandra Röse from “Generation Gesundheit” about the GAMLEC learning board game in German.

The interview is about the GAMLEC learning board game, about the background of the European coordinator and how the idea of the project, a learning board game to improve the quality of life of care home residents was born. It is about the whys and the wherefores, and offers insights about the indicators and criteria listed in the European Compendium on Criteria for the quality of life of care home residents that offer the basis for the learning card content. The interview offers insights about, and examples of the three categories, “autonomy”, “participation”, and “dignity” listed in the Compendium. The interview also highlights the scarcity of resources and the difficulties professional carers encounter day in day out, along with the necessity to increase the general awareness of the importance of their contribution, especially on political level.

Interview with Sandra Röse from “Generation Gesundheit”

Sylvie Schoch explained that the game, besides generally to contributing to increased quality of life of care home residents, should offer a playful and fun way to learn continuously and to inspire the players to make an active contribution. She highlighted that the Game is a result of the contribution of each of the 6 partners of the GAMLEC Consortium, each of them offering their experience and expertise, from different perspectives and different cultural backgrounds. Sylvie Schoch explained that the game will soon be available on the e-learning platform in all languages of the partners, against all odds due to the pandemic. She showed how the partners found strategies, for example with home-made cards, to get around the difficulties, and to go ahead with the project, even though they cannot meet in person. Sandra Röse underlined how interesting the learning board game could be for volunteer associations, and also to increase the capacity of all stakeholders to change perspective and to communicate with each other, and to increase empathy. This is even more important in times of the pandemic, where everyone is under pressure. In conclusion, Sylvie Schoch shared her personal experience with the project. Quality of life is important for every single person, the needs are the very same, it is just that every single person, no matter what age, has her own preferences about what makes them happy.

At the end of the interview Sylvie Schoch wanted to say a big thank you to all partners for their work and their contribution, especially because she feels that every single partner is putting their heart in the GAMLEC project.